About Augusto

At the National Aquarium! Saying hello to my turtle friends.


About Me

I'm Augusto - a software engineer who studied computer science at Johns Hopkins University, minoring in entrepreneurship and computational medicine. There are many things that motivate me in life, among them are: innovation, technology, healthcare, and music. Although some of them may seem unrelated, I try my best to explore my passions and make the most of my experiences. 

Also, if you are wondering... I am Peruvian. I was raised in Miami, Florida, and currently reside in New York City.

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What’s Next?

I am a firm believer of the following saying - pursue a passion, not a career. To me, passion is sparked by impactful ideas and contagious people. My dream is to help build a better tomorrow and I hope to do so every day.

Message me for access to my resume.

What Have I Done?

My curiosity has allowed me to have an eclectic set of experiences:

  • Created a website for parents to order local farmers market products for college students. - Dearest,
  • Developed a platform to connect individuals with fitness goals to small group personal training sessions. - FitMango
  • Streamlined the pipeline of a connectomics neural network research initiative at a Johns Hopkins University laboratory. - NeuroXplorer
  • Won a national marketing competition for an education technology company. - Article
  • Initiated a collaborative data repository for an equity trading framework used in the financial industry.
  • Founded science program in a water sports nonprofit for kids with disabilities. - SALM
  • Compose music as a hobby and love to stay creative. - Music
  • I'm an Airbnb Superhost in Miami, Florida. - Visit Us